Orthopedic Emergencies

In this edition of the WMN, we will concentrate on the recognition and management of a fractured pelvis, a fractured femur, angulated fractures, and compound fractures. For the sake of completeness, we will also include a quick review of the management of chest trauma, head trauma, facial trauma, and compartment syndrome (we covered these four topics in past issues of the newsletter)


September/October 2006    ISSN-1059-6518    Volume 19 Number 5

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This is the third and final article in this series on Musculoskeletal Trauma. The first article reviewed injuries to the skull, face, spine, and pelvis. The second reviewed injuries to the extremities. This article will review orthopedic emergencies and dislocations. The material in this series applies directly to providing care in the wilderness or extended care environment beyond the “golden hour.”

September/October 2003    ISSN-1059-6518    Volume 16 Number 5

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