The problem is simple: ticks are little cesspools, and they can spread a wide variety of potentially serious illnesses. Ticks are the leading cause of insect vector-borne disease in the USA and second only to mosquitoes worldwide. In fact, 95% of all insect vector-borne diseases in North America are spread by ticks.


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September/October 2004  ISSN-1059-6518  Volume 17 Number 5

Tales of the Tapeworm

By Dr. E.C. Oli


Southern Tick-Associated Rash Ilness (Borellia lonestari)

Like the deer tick, Ixodes, that spreads Lyme Disease, the Lonestar tick is also a very small brownish tick but with a white spot, or “star” in the center of its back.

Anyone who develops a suspicious rash and has been exposed to ticks or has had a tick bite should see their primary care provider for appropriate testing and treatment.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that anyone with a tick bite from a deer tick, Lonestar tick, or other suspicious tick should take a single dose of doxycycline 200mg once as prophylaxis against these illnesses.

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