Corneal Abrasion

September/October 2008  ISSN-1059-6518  Volume 21 Number 5

Corneal Abrasion

Unlike an impaled object in the eye, as discussed in You’re in Good Hands, a corneal abrasion is a common expedition problem because the mechanism of injury is quite simple.

For example, you are walking along a trail enjoying a hike with some friends. The person in front of you encounters a branch across the trail. They bend the branch back out of their way and then release it as they pass by. The now spring-loaded-branch snaps back into place, and in the process, whacks you in the face. Every outdoor enthusiast, at some point during their hiking adventures, has either been whacked in the face by a branch, or was responsible for whacking someone else.

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Ocular Impalements

September/October 2008 ISSN-1059-6518  Volume 21 Number 5

By Frank Hubbell, DO

Illustrations by T.B.R. Walsh


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Diagnosis & Management of Eye Injuries

Most people would agree that vision, our ability to see, is probably the most valued of our senses. The other senses of touch, hearing, smell, and taste are all obviously very important, but somehow, they do not quite measure up to the importance of vision. Most of us take our ability to see for granted. We rarely think about what it would be like to have impaired vision, unable to fully see and appreciate the world around us. As a result, eye injuries can not only be painful, or even vision-threatening, but also particularly emotional if the patient feels that their vision is at risk.

September/October 2005    ISSN-1059-6518    Volume 18, Number 5

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