Termites Can Hurt You (at least indirectly)



Volume 27 Number 6

By Paul MacMillan, AEMT

I had the great pleasure of traveling with Frank Hubbell to Zambia in July to teach a Wilderness First Responder class with him to a group of aspiring missionaries. For years we have been teaching this course at the Overland base overlooking the Zambezi River in Livingston. This summer we were very fortunate to be teaching this class during a special occasion. Halfway through teaching this program, Chief Makuni, who is the tribal chief of all the villages around Overland Missions, was hosting the Chiefs’ Council, a time   when all sixty (60) chiefs from Zambia come to a series of four-day events which include eating and talking and also enjoying the different cultural dances and music from the many tribes.

You might be asking why this article is in the SOLO Wilderness Newsletter…. On the second day of the activities, Chief Makuni held a huge celebration of music, dancing, and singing. Dr. Frank, to his total surprise, was one of the honored guests at this celebration, and I was fortunate enough to be able to tag along. As an honored guest Frank was invited to have lunch with all the chiefs.

At the end of the cultural celebration, we all walked up to the area where people were going to be served lunch. It was a bright, beautiful day. Our WFR students, along with the Overland Missions’ staff, were the people who would be serving the chiefs and their delegations. Their delegations included their family members and their security people. There were a large number of police and military people carrying automatic weapons protecting the chiefs and their families.

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