Allergic Rhinitis

March/April 2009 ISSN-1059-6518 Volume 22 Number 2

By Frank Hubbell, DO




What is allergic rhinitis?

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Over the Counter Antihistamines

November/December 2008  ISSN-1059-6518  Volume 21 Number 6

Colds and Allergies

Over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamines

By Frank Hubbell, DO

An obvious nuisance in life is the occasional “common cold,” with its congestion, sore throat, sinus pain, and cough. We have all had them, and we will all have them again. A cold’s bothersome symptoms are not unique to the wilderness setting—they can occur anywhere, anytime, with little or no warning. However, in the backcountry, away from your comfortable bed and the support of family and friends, the symptoms seem to be more concerning, more severe, and longer lasting.

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