Anti-Itch Creams and Their Uses

September/October 2009 ISSN-1059-6518  Volume 22 Number 5

Anti-Itch Creams and Their Uses

By Frank Hubbell, DO


There seems to be an infinite variety of over-the-counter (OTC) ointments, lotions, lubricants, and creams for the skin. Most of these are for cosmetic purposes or to make dry skin moist or wet skin dry. However, there are a few that do have value and application in wilderness medicine.

In the last issue of the WMN we discussed Antibiotic Ointments, Iodine, and Bactroban Cream – July/August 2009, in this issue we will look at anti-itch creams.

All of the medications reviewed in this article are commonly available OTC medications.

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